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The 2020-21 school year has been full of surprises and changes. This page will share the most recent updates and changes, as we adjust to COVID-19 and the safety precautions we are making throughout our school community.

Message from the Superintendent: November 20, 2020

Dear Knights:

We proudly boast Kenowa Hills as the heart of our community, and this pandemic has provided evidence this is no doubt the case. Does this sentence sound familiar? If so, it’s because this is how I started my weekly email two weeks ago. Kenowa Hills truly is the heart of the community, and it is because of this that we need to change our instructional delivery plans to ensure the near term health and safety of our community.

As a reminder, there is no school for students November 23-27 as part of a planned break.

Beginning Monday, November 30th, our elementary schools and middle school (K-8) will be moving to a hybrid model for in-person instruction. This will continue through January 15, 2021. Our high school will continue with remote instruction through January 15, 2021.

  • K-8 students with a last name beginning with A-K will attend school on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • K-8 students with a last name beginning with L-Z will attend school on Tuesdays and Fridays. These students' first day back after Thanksgiving break will be Tuesday, December 1st.

The goal will be to keep students within the same family on one schedule. Additionally, please know your student’s teacher might contact you about the possibility of switching to balance class size. Instruction for students with disabilities will continue connected to their individual plans. Each building has a plan connected to the schedule/needs of that building. Administration and special education staff can be contacted for specific details.

Students will have short, focused asynchronous (i.e. on-demand) learning activities to complete in Canvas on the days they do not attend in-person. Wednesdays will include published times for students to remotely meet with teachers to answer questions and provide feedback.

Elementary students will bring their district-issued Chromebook or iPad home starting on their first day of in-person instruction following the Thanksgiving break. Please help your student remember to bring it back (with the battery charged) on the days they are at school for in-person instruction. Contact your student’s teacher or building principal if your family needs a wireless hotspot for Internet connectivity. We have a very limited supply of hotspots available, so only request one if you have no internet access at home.

We are exploring our capacity to offer childcare to K-6th grade students during the school day for families that need it on days in which their students are not scheduled to attend in-person. Our capacity to offer childcare will be limited based on available staff and the need to maintain all safety protocols and mitigation strategies, so please consider this opportunity after you have exhausted all other safe options. In any case, childcare will not be provided on Wednesdays as our schools will receive a deep cleaning and disinfection with the Clorox® Total 360® systems on these days. If we are able to offer childcare, it would begin on Monday, December 7th. The delayed start will give us the necessary planning time. Students attending childcare will be supervised by district staff who will provide support to students as they complete their work in Canvas. If you need childcare, please complete this survey by noon Monday, November 23rd to assist us with our planning. Location(s) will be determined and communicated once we are able to determine our capacity to offer childcare.

Our high school is moving back to a six (6) period per day schedule during their time of remote learning. Our hybrid schedule at the middle school will also be on a six (6) period per day schedule. Our middle and high school must be on the same schedule, and these changes will make best use of the in-person time for our middle school students. The specific schedule and other information pertinent to the middle and high school will be provided by the building principal.

Prepackaged meals will go home with students at the end of each day they are in-person. The meals will include breakfast and lunch for the following two (2) days.

Why the change? The county health department has recommended we move to a model that maximizes social distancing. The concern is some of our students and staff could be asymptomatic carriers of the virus, and we do not have the capacity or resources to regularly administer COVID tests to all students and staff. With the significant increase of COVID-19 in our community, the health department has placed an increased emphasis on social distancing. Ensuring that we meet these social distancing guidelines will allow us to limit the impact of asymptomatic students and staff on others that could spread the virus to family and community members.

Social distancing is the only mitigation strategy we have been unable to accomplish when all in-person students attend on a daily basis. Moving to this hybrid schedule will maximize social distancing and significantly reduce the number of individuals needing to quarantine as a result of being a close contact to somebody who tests positive for COVID-19. The hybrid model also allows our K-8 students to attend in-person, albeit fewer days. We believe attending in-person is important to students' academic and social well-being, even if for only a couple days per week.

Although a hybrid schedule means elementary and middle school students will be in school less time, students will be in class(es) with significantly fewer students. Smaller class sizes also create conditions for more personalized instruction. Furthermore, the work students complete on the days in which they are not in-person should be at their learning level. As such, your time and efforts should be limited to ensuring they have a place and dedicated time to complete their work in Canvas.

As you process the changes and how this impacts your family, please know we have fought hard to maintain in-person instruction to this point, and we are not going to give up. We simply need to modify our strategy to ensure we are doing everything possible to mitigate virus transmission.

I am proud of the fact we are one of only two districts in the county that finished the first trimester being in-person everyday without any of our schools having to temporarily close or move to remote instruction (exception being all high schools having to move to remote instruction). This accomplishment is a reflection of the commitment and dedication of the staff and families to do everything in their power to combat the virus. I remain optimistic we will be able to return to daily in-person instruction at all of our K-12 locations as of Tuesday, January 19, 2021. There is no school on Monday, January 18, 2021 as this is a scheduled professional development day for staff. I will continue to provide regular updates and will notify you of any changes.

In the meantime, you can continue to help us by:

  1. Completing the daily screener (even on school days in which your student does not attend). Doing so will help the nurses better understand your student’s needs, especially when s/he is not in-person. The screener will now include one more question that will provide direction as to whether your student should come to school. The new question will be: “Is the student/staff member awaiting a pending COVID-19 test result?”
  2. Reinforcing with your student the importance of wearing a face covering while on the bus and during the school day.
  3. Checking in with your student to make sure s/he is doing okay.
  4. Keeping us informed about your student’s physical and mental wellbeing.

As has become customary in my weekly email, I also wanted to share with you the current number of positive cases and the number of individuals in our district needing to quarantine. We currently have 23 positive cases (14 students, 9 staff) requiring home isolation and 195 individuals (177 students, 18 staff) who are home under quarantine. New positive cases are posted on our COVID Dashboard daily, along with the number of corresponding close contacts who must quarantine.

Please take time to rest next week. I know everybody is in need of some time for self-care and simply pausing from the intense pace we have sustained for far too long. When we return from Thanksgiving break, I assure you that we will continue to give you our best.

Kenowa Hills is the heart of our community, and we have a responsibility to the community. It’s in the best interest of our community that we make this change. Thank you for your continued support. Additional details regarding any changes associated with the hybrid schedule will be provided by your student’s building principal and teacher(s) in the upcoming days.

#uKNIGHTedWEstand. #KnightPrideWeLive.

Gerald Hopkins

Queridos Knights:
Nos enorgullecemos de tener a Kenowa Hills como el corazón de nuestra comunidad, y esta
pandemia ha proporcionado evidencia de que este es sin duda el caso. ¿Te suena familiar esta
frase? Si es así, es porque así es como comencé mi correo electrónico semanal hace dos
semanas. Kenowa Hills es verdaderamente el corazón de la comunidad, y es por esto que
necesitamos cambiar nuestros planes de entrega de instrucción para garantizar la salud y
seguridad a corto plazo de nuestra comunidad.

Como recordatorio, no habrá clases para los estudiantes del 23 al 27 de noviembre como
parte de un receso planificado.

A partir del lunes 30 de noviembre, nuestras escuelas elemental e intermedia (K-8)
pasarán a un modelo híbrido para la instrucción en persona. Esto continuará hasta el 15
de enero de 2021. Nuestra escuela superior continuará con instrucción remota hasta el
15 de enero de 2021.

  • Los estudiantes de K-8 con un apellido que comienza con A-K asistirán a la escuela los
    lunes y jueves.
  • Los estudiantes de K-8 con un apellido que comienza con L-Z asistirán a la escuela los
    martes y viernes. El primer día de regreso de estos estudiantes después de las
    vacaciones de Acción de Gracias será el martes 1 de diciembre.

El objetivo será mantener a los estudiantes dentro de la misma familia en un horario. Además,
sepa que el maestro de su hijo/a podría comunicarse con usted acerca de la posibilidad de
cambiar a un tamaño de clase equilibrado. La instrucción para estudiantes con discapacidades
continuará conectada a sus planes individuales. Cada edificio tiene un plan conectado al
horario / necesidades de ese edificio. Se puede contactar al personal de administración y
educación especial para obtener detalles específicos.

Los estudiantes tendrán actividades de aprendizaje asincrónicas (es decir, a pedido) breves y
enfocadas para completar en Canvas en los días que no asistan en persona. Los miércoles
incluirán horarios publicados para que los estudiantes se reúnan de forma remota con los
maestros para responder preguntas y proporcionar comentarios.

Los estudiantes de escuela elemental traerán a casa su Chromebook o iPad proporcionado por
el distrito a partir del primer día de instrucción en persona después de las vacaciones de Acción
de Gracias. Por favor ayude a su hijo/a a recordar traerlo de regreso (con la batería cargada)
los días que esté en la escuela para recibir instrucción en persona. Comuníquese con el
maestro de su hijo/a o el director de la escuela si su familia necesita un punto de acceso
inalámbrico para conectarse a Internet. Tenemos un suministro muy limitado de puntos de
acceso disponibles, por lo que solo solicite uno si no tiene acceso a Internet en casa.

Estamos explorando nuestra capacidad para ofrecer cuidado de niños a los estudiantes de
K-6to grado durante el día escolar para familias que lo necesiten en los días en los que sus
hijos/as no están programados para asistir en persona. Nuestra capacidad para ofrecer cuidado
de niños será limitada según el personal disponible y la necesidad de mantener todos los
protocolos de seguridad y estrategias de mitigación, así que considere esta oportunidad
después de haber agotado todas las demás opciones seguras. En cualquier caso, no se
brindará cuidado de niños los miércoles ya que nuestras escuelas recibirán una limpieza y
desinfección profunda con los sistemas Clorox® Total 360® en estos días. Si podemos ofrecer
cuidado de niños, comenzaría el lunes 7 de diciembre. El inicio retrasado nos dará el tiempo de
planificación necesario. Los estudiantes que asistan a la guardería serán supervisados por el
personal del distrito que brindará apoyo a los estudiantes mientras completan su trabajo en
Canvas. Si usted está interesado en el cuidado de niños debe comunicarse con la
Escuela Elemental Alpine al (616) 784-0884 . La (s) ubicación (es) se determinarán y
comunicarán una vez que podamos determinar nuestra capacidad para ofrecer cuidado de

Nuestra escuela superior está regresando a un horario de seis (6) períodos por día durante su
tiempo de aprendizaje remoto. Nuestro horario híbrido en la escuela intermedia también será
de seis (6) períodos por día. Nuestra escuela intermedia y superior deben estar en el mismo
horario, y estos cambios harán un mejor uso del tiempo en persona para nuestros estudiantes
de intermedia y superior. El director de la escuela proporcionará el horario específico y otra
información pertinente a la escuela intermedia y superior.

Las comidas empaquetadas se irán a casa con los estudiantes al final de cada día que estén
en persona. Las comidas incluirán desayuno y almuerzo durante los siguientes dos (2) días.
¿Por qué el cambio? El departamento de salud del condado ha recomendado que cambiemos
a un modelo que maximice el distanciamiento social. La preocupación es que algunos de
nuestros estudiantes y personal podrían ser portadores asintomáticos del virus, y no tenemos la
capacidad o los recursos para administrar regularmente las pruebas COVID a todos los
estudiantes y personal. Con el aumento significativo de COVID-19 en nuestra comunidad, el
departamento de salud ha puesto un mayor énfasis en el distanciamiento social. Asegurarnos
de cumplir con estas pautas de distanciamiento social nos permitirá limitar el impacto de los
estudiantes y el personal asintomáticos en otros que podrían transmitir el virus a los miembros
de la familia y la comunidad.

El distanciamiento social es la única estrategia de mitigación que no hemos podido lograr
cuando todos los estudiantes en persona asisten a diario. Pasar a este horario híbrido
maximizará el distanciamiento social y reducirá significativamente la cantidad de personas que
deben ponerse en cuarentena como resultado de ser un contacto cercano con alguien que da
positivo en la prueba de COVID-19. El modelo híbrido también permite que nuestros
estudiantes de K-8 asistan en persona, aunque menos días. Creemos que asistir en persona es
importante para el bienestar académico y social de los estudiantes, aunque solo sea por un par
de días a la semana.

Aunque un horario híbrido significa que los estudiantes de la escuela primaria y secundaria
estarán en la escuela menos tiempo, los estudiantes estarán en clases con un número
significativamente menor de estudiantes. Los tamaños de clase más pequeños también crean
condiciones para una instrucción más personalizada. Además, el trabajo que los estudiantes
completen en los días en que no estén en persona debe estar a su nivel de aprendizaje. Como
tal, su tiempo y esfuerzos deben limitarse a garantizar que tengan un lugar y tiempo dedicado
para completar su trabajo en Canvas.

A medida que procesa los cambios y cómo esto afecta a su familia, sepa que hemos luchado
mucho para mantener la instrucción en persona hasta este momento y no nos vamos a rendir.
Simplemente necesitamos modificar nuestra estrategia para asegurarnos de que estamos
haciendo todo lo posible para mitigar la transmisión de virus.

Estoy orgulloso del hecho de que somos uno de los dos únicos distritos en el condado que
terminaron el primer trimestre en persona todos los días sin que ninguna de nuestras escuelas
tuviera que cerrar temporalmente o cambiar a instrucción remota (excepto que todas las
escuelas secundarias tuvieron que mudarse a instrucción remota). Este logro es un reflejo del
compromiso y la dedicación del personal y las familias para hacer todo lo posible para combatir
el virus. Sigo siendo optimista de que podremos regresar a la instrucción diaria en persona en
todas nuestras ubicaciones de K-12 a partir del martes 19 de enero de 2021. No hay clases el
lunes 18 de enero de 2021 ya que este es un desarrollo profesional programado. día para el
personal. Continuaré proporcionando actualizaciones periódicas y le notificaré cualquier

Mientras tanto, puede continuar ayudándonos de la siguiente manera:

  1. Completar la evaluación diaria (incluso en los días escolares en los que su hijp/ja no asiste). Hacerlo ayudará a las enfermeras a comprender mejor las necesidades de suhijo/a, especialmente cuando no está en persona. El evaluador incluirá ahora una pregunta más que le indicará si su hijo/a debe asistir a la escuela. La nueva pregunta será: "¿El estudiante/miembro del personal está esperando un resultado de prueba COVID-19 pendiente?"
  2. Reforzando con su hijo/a la importancia de cubrirse la cara mientras está en el autobús
    y durante el día escolar.
  3. Verificar con su hijo/a para asegurarse de que esté bien.
  4. Mantenernos informados sobre el bienestar físico y mental de su hijo/a.

Como es habitual en mi correo electrónico semanal, también quería compartir con ustedes el
número actual de casos positivos y el número de personas en nuestro distrito que necesitan ser
puestos en cuarentena. Actualmente tenemos 23 casos positivos (14 estudiantes, 9 miembros
del personal) que requieren aislamiento domiciliario y 195 personas (177 estudiantes, 18
miembros del personal) que se encuentran en casa en cuarentena. Los nuevos casos
positivos se publican diariamente en nuestro panel COVID Dashboard , junto con la cantidad de
contactos cercanos correspondientes que deben poner en cuarentena.

Por favor tómese un tiempo para descansar la próxima semana. Sé que todo el mundo necesita
algo de tiempo para cuidar de sí mismo y simplemente hacer una pausa del ritmo intenso que
hemos mantenido durante demasiado tiempo. Cuando regresemos de las vacaciones de
Acción de Gracias, les aseguro que seguiremos dándoles lo mejor.

Kenowa Hills es el corazón de nuestra comunidad y tenemos una responsabilidad con la
comunidad. Es en el mejor interés de nuestra comunidad que hagamos este cambio. Gracias
por su continuo apoyo. El director de la escuela y el maestro (s) de su hijo/a proporcionarán
detalles adicionales sobre cualquier cambio asociado con el horario híbrido en los próximos

The USDA has approved free meals to all children ages 0-18 through the end of the 2020-21 school year! Whether attending in person or virtually as part of our Kenowa Hills Online Learning Academy (KHOLA), all students have access to a free breakfast and lunch every school day. Breakfast and lunch service will be offered at all school sites where face-to-face learning is taking place.

Click here to access Food Service and Menu Information

Screening for Face-to-Face Students
All students attending in person must be screened prior to school every day. Parents/Guardians will receive either a text message or email at 5:30am on each school day as a reminder to complete the very simple screener when your child awakes. The electronic screening tool can be completed until 8:30am. Unfortunately, we are unable to change the time of the screening period at this point; however, we are hopeful that we will be able to customize this in the near future. The tool is designed to quickly and accurately identify anybody who should not enter our buildings either because they are experiencing symptoms, or have been in contact with a known case of COVID-19. Please contact the school once the office opens if the screener instructs you to do so. It is imperative parents complete the screener for each of their students every school day prior to coming to school. The daily electronic screener does not need to be completed if your child is not coming to school that day. Thank you for your cooperation and support in completing this daily requirement.

Face Coverings

Thank you for helping your students get accustomed to wearing a mask and supporting us with this very important safety requirement. Although we are providing cloth masks, students can wear any cloth mask (except bandanas) as long as it is appropriate for the school setting and is not a distraction to teaching and learning. As a reminder, all cloth masks should be hand washed or laundered after each use.

School Nurses

Feel free to call the school nurse if you have any questions about symptoms your student is experiencing. We are extremely grateful to have school nurses available to care for students who have minor medical needs. The nurses will also be able to administer a COVID test with written parent consent. Contact information is below and you can click here for more information and school nurse bios:

Alpine Elementary
Rachael Boafu (Primary)
Jessica Spitters (Alternate)

Central Elementary
Alex Corbett (M/F)
Kathy Demeester (Tu/W/Th)
Jordan Meagher (Alternate)

Zinser Elementary
Courtney Ellens (Primary)
Makayla Myszka (Alternate)

Middle School
Shelby Gotaas (M)
Jesseca Schrader (Tu/W)
Lauren Dekruyter (Th/F)

High School
Quinn McGill (Primary)
Trevor Baird (Alternate)


The USDA has approved free meals to all children ages 0-18 through the end of the 2020-21 school year! Whether attending in person or virtually as part of our Kenowa Hills Online Learning Academy (KHOLA), all students have access to a free breakfast and lunch every school day. Breakfast and lunch service will be offered at all school sites where face-to-face learning is taking place.

KHOLA Weekly Meal Boxes
Click here to access the Weekly Order Form for the Meal Kits. Orders are due by 12:00 PM on Friday, the week before the scheduled meal pickup time. Meal Kit pick up will be Wednesday’s from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM at the Field House entrance of the High School.

As a reminder:

  • Meal kits contain 6 breakfasts and 6 lunches
  • Meals kits are provided at NO COST
  • You are able to order additional boxes for children ages 0-18 in your family that are not enrolled in KHOLA.
  • Kenowa students enrolled in Face-to-Face learning are not eligible for Meal Kits
  • The menu for the week is listed on the Order Form. Menu items are subject to change based on availability, but we will do everything we can to provide what is listed each week.

We are still offering daily meal pick up through Tuesday, September 29th from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM at the Field House entrance of the high school.

Updated Daily Schedules for Face-to-Face Learners

The daily schedule has been adjusted to allow for teachers to accompany their students during breakfast and lunch.

Elementary daily schedule:

8:30 a.m. Students arrive
8:35 a.m. School begins
3:02 p.m. School ends

Secondary (Middle and High School) daily schedule:

7:40 a.m. Students arrive
7:45 a.m. School begins
2:17 p.m. School ends

Important Dates: Click here to access the full 2020-21 Calendar

Thanksgiving Break: November 25-27
Winter Break
: December 21, 2020 – January 1, 2021
School resumes
: January 4
Spring Break
: April 2-9

2020-21 Bus Routes

2020-21 Back to School Plans

Click here to access full details on our Fall 2020 Back to School Plan

Haga clic aquí para acceder al calendario en español



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